September 03, 2019
Things to do in Glasgow and Edinburgh
Planning a trip to Scotland this year? You’re not alone, the number of tourists has increased by 29% over the past few years. It’s not hard to find things to do lists in central Scotland but they often talk about the same easy-to-google sites (think Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Edinburgh Castle.) 😴
Here at Cop Clothing we’ve compiled a list of things to do that you might miss if you’re not a local, thank us later: 😉
  • Jupiter Artland

    Jupiter Artland is a sculpture park located just outside of Edinburgh – several buses from the city centre allow for tourists to enjoy the gardens as much as locals. Jupiter Artland has over 30 permanent artworks available to view that are laid out in a path through a wooded area – the sculptures are equal parts enthralling and creepy. 👻 The park is open to the public until the 29th of September.

    More information available here.

  • Tramway

Tramway is an art space located south of the river Clyde in Glasgow – take a short train from Central Station to Pollokshields East and you’ll find yourself in one of Glasgow’s lesser known galleries. Currently running is an amazing installation sculpture piece by American artist Nick Cave (running until the 24thof November.) 🥳

For more information click here.
  • Millport

    Think you need to head up north for the best views in Scotland? A trip to Millport proves this isn’t the case. A ferry from Largs takes you straight to the tiny island and from there you can rent a bike and cycle the full length. 🚵‍♀️💨

    Largs Nike

  • Abandoned Scotland
Scotland has its fair share of abandoned buildings and some of them are definitely worth the visit. Get the train to Cardross and walk around 10 minutes and you’ll find yourself at St Peter’s Seminary. The building is protected due to it’s architectural and historical value – the condition is depleting yearly, so visiting is a must. ✨


Also worth mentioning is Buchanan Castle in Drymen. Hidden amongst residential houses and a wooded area, the castle has been engulfed by trees. Once used as a world war II hospital, as soon as you step on the grounds you can feel the air chill. 🙈
We don’t recommend entering the grounds due to the unsafe nature of the buildings but the historical sites are definitely a a must see.

Buchanan Castle
  • Good Food in Glasgow 🤤
Finally, Glasgow may not be known for it’s culinary achievements but there’s definitely more to the city than deep fried foods. Check out Finnieston’s Alchemilla for simple yet sophisticated small plates that focus on high quality ingredients in a relaxed environment with superstar service.  Hole in the wall Shawarma King in the centre’s Trongate area offers arguably the best fast food in Glasgow. If you’re heading south of the Clyde why not try one of the many brunch spots that are famous amongst locals (Café Strange Brew, Lagom, Gnom, Pot Belly to name a few.) If you head West you’ll find some amazing Korean Hot Pot and Barbeque spots (try Jay’s Barbeque opposite Kelvingrove Art Gallery). Ramen Dayo in Ashton Lane offers authentic and tasty ramen in one of Glasgow’s most famous streets. 🍜
All images taken from the restaurants social media’s respectively.

alchemicaljays bbqramen day
We hope you’ll find this list useful when visiting Scotland! Don’t forget to bring a waterproof jacket because we have some of the most unpredictable and wet weather in the UK.
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